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Who are we?

We cater to manpower requirements of the various sectors in the industry at junior, middle and senior management levels staffing. We assist our Clients in creating and developing by providing following services. We strive to be the first choice in the supply of staffing solutions to Local/National Businesses through partnership with clients, whilst fulfilling the expectations of our candidates.

‘ HR Companions Talent Solutions is a licensed boutique staffing firm headquartered in MUMBAI; which is emerging as one of the leading specialist Placement Consultancy in India with a focus on providing Executive Search, Headhunting, Permanent Staffing, HR Services Outsourcing, Human Resource and Leadership Training for Managers to client organizations. Our services involve individual development in response to a Changing Business Environment. We assist our Clients in increasing productivity, managing productive staff, developing effective motivators, reducing workplace conflict and thus generating greater profitability which is a vital element of any business Organization. We conduct seminars, workshops etc…, to help your businesses and develop succession plans to ensure you have qualified internal candidates who can manage and survive in all situations.;

     HRC provides leadership, innovation, analytic analysis, and business acumen in driving cost efficient recruiting by improving processes, and reducing cost per hire in highly competitive markets. We dedicatedly work one-on-one initially to conceive their need, from the initial meeting through the final hiring, with the process including screening applicants, conducting interviews, doing background checks, recommending compensation etc.

Our unique vision, mission and values capture the kernel of who we are and how we mesh with one another. On top of that, it speaks about, how we go to the market & our commitment to delivering excellence to our clients, stakeholders, and the community.



      To be the most trusted and respected HR consultancy  firm in India , Not because we say so, but because our clients do.

              Through achieving collective and individual goals.

              Passion - Our energy and enthusiasm are contagious. We are inspired to make an impact.



      As a strategic partner we are required  to understand the nature of the company’s business;

We support Corporate success  by:

      o   Providing professional hiring assistance, Behavioral Training, Management Development Programs (MDP) and Skill Building Workshops to our esteemed clients all over India to foster a culture of workforce effectiveness.


       Allegiance- We are loyal and are committed to do the right thing regardless of the consequences.

       Pursuit of Excellence - We continually strive to exceed the expectations of our people and our clients.

       Accountability - We take responsibility for individual and collective actions.

  Fraternization - We work cordially and intimately to achieve

  Secondly, by understanding the specific business need; and subsequently providing the Ideal talent.

Why should you choose us?

Different agencies will tell you what sounds pleasant to your ears, but we are a little different. We don’t necessarily claim to be the largest agency, or to have global networks. However, we are good at maintaining business relationships and our track record of consistently delivering excellent results shows it. This is attested by a major chunk of our work being exclusive, which means our clients recognize the excellent quality of work and the exceptional quality of candidates placed with them. Whether you are seeking a local recruitment specialist to find your next team member, or are seeking specialized career information and industry insights, you can rely on us.

What do we offer you?

  • Affordability & Flexibility: You can choose the service level that’s right for your organization, i.e. working with us on a one-off basis, or on a monthly retainer.
  • Proven methodologies save you money: Hiring the wrong person is a mistake that may cost you thousands. Instead, use HR Companions proven methodologies and you’ll recruit the right person every time.
  • Saves you time, hassle and stress: Keeping a recruiting staff can be incredibly time-consuming and stressful; thus many business firms spend up to 50 hours recruiting for one role. It works out far more cost-effective to get us to do the legwork for you – and you’ll save yourself a load of stress too!
  • Partnership approach: We’ll work closely with you and will build a relationship of honesty, trust and allegiance. We’d like to be a long-term partner in your business growth and will work towards meeting your business goals.


HRC is able to deliver cutting-edge solutions consistently to its clients by bringing together highly talented people in an open, synergetic environment. This makes daily challenges enjoyable and rewarding and is one of the reasons why is it the best to work with us.With a combination of fun, enjoyment, benefits, employee engagement activities, and learning opportunities, we invest every day in our most important asset:  our people; precisely our team.

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