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Employee Screening

Here, we would like to introduce employee screening solutions by   HRC.

HRC is beating the drum for fast growth in employee screening and background checking solutions for businesses and individuals. HRC aims to address the problem of resume fraud while enhancing the integrity and value of credentials. Over 45% of resumes in the US and India contain false statements or misrepresentations. Bad hires cost businesses a lot of money in losses every year. Hidden cost includes training, productivity and compliance to mention a few.


For businesses HRC helps mitigate the risk by hiring the right individuals and lowering the cost of bad hires. By selecting HRC to power your pre-employment, post-employment and customers and vendor screening strategy, you are protecting your organization and customers. The specific type of checks that we conduct include Document Verification, Education, Employment, Identity & Address verifications, Database, Criminal Record, Reference checks, Drug abuse testing, Vendor Due Diligence and certification .


* Our full life cycle platform allows enforcement of strong ethical compliance helping corporations control opportunistic behavior and attrition.


Operational Capabilities:

HRC can provide solutions and support to its corporate customers with Risk Mitigation solutions across India. With exclusive tie-ups with different data sources across world and our proprietary technology, we are quickly moving towards becoming the leader in identity/credential verification and fraud/inconsistency detection.


HRC provides pre-employment background. We continue to implement new methods and products that expand our core offerings and provide our clients with leading-edge services to help them make informed hiring, promotion, and retention decisions.

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